June 15, 2018   Leadership from Precision Color Graphics and Specialty Packaging Technologies join with other industry professionals at the 2018 Global Pouch Forum in Miami. Every year, flexible packaging professionals around the world get together to discuss the newest market trends, innovative pouch designs, and the bright future and annual projected growth of stand-up pouches.   "At a time when mergers and acquisitions seem to dominate our daily industry news, I felt our participation in this year’s Global Pouch... + continue reading
Internal metering gusset allows easy metering of ice melt, reclosable zipper offers re-use convenience, striking graphics lend shelf appeal and flexible bag provides sustainability benefits.   Read more and watch the video
Precision Color Graphics, Ltd., Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Specialty Packaging Technologies, Inc. engineered the innovative resealable Shaker Bag and is a proud recipient of the Gold Award for Extending the Use of Flexible Packaging and a second Gold Award for Packaging Excellence from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) at its 61st Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition at the trade group’s annual meeting March 2nd 2017 in Boca Raton, FL. Read more here... and another article here...
Food & Beverage Magazine - A shrinking waste line
"Sustainability will become the number one challenge facing the packaging industry in the next decade, having a key influence on business strategies, states a new report from Smithers Pira, The Future of Sustainable Packaging to 2018. According to the report, the market for sustainable packaging is growing much faster than the overall packaging market... According to Chuck Spear, publisher, Smithers Pira, the packaging industry is aware of the increasing role sustainability is playing in business decisions for corporations. "The... + continue reading
Flexible Packaging Magazine - Three Trends that are Reshaping the Packaging Industry
Perhaps for the first time in the history of packaging, the will to develop sustainable packaging practices is something that's shared by both consumers and industry professionals alike. Small wonder, then, that tremendous progress has been made in a relatively short period of time to make eco-friendly packaging part and parcel of the manufacturing process. The process of creating packaging material today bears little resemblance to what was commonplace just five short years ago. How is it different? A closer look at three emerging... + continue reading
PFFC - Flexible Packaging | Precision Color Graphics Breaks Course
With a strong commitment to the environment, a growing flexible packaging division, and a staunch pledge to use only domestic suppliers, Precision Color Graphics (PCG) prides itself on not being a "conventional" prepress house. In its 25,000-sq-ft facility in Franklin, WI, PCG has built its prepress and plating service-once dedicated to lithographic and screen printing—into a company that offers customers value-added products and services in flexography and the flexible packaging market. Opening its doors 21 years ago with just seven... + continue reading
Sustainable By Design - Patented Green Technology Reinvents Packaging Process by Dan Brulz
Today's consumers are at the forefront of a sustainability movement. "Sustainable", "compostable", and "earth friendly" continue to be top of mind for consumers, shaping their behavior and as a result, forcing brands to make more sustainable chioces with their product and packaging. They are the driving force behind the manufacturing and rise in sustainable packaging product options, ranging from the soft drink PlantBottle to mushroom packaging. As sustainability continues to climb packaging agendas, tremendous progress has been made in... + continue reading
Precision Color Graphics creates flexible packaging manufacturing subsidiary
US pre-press, printing and packaging company Precision Color Graphics has opened Specialty Packaging Technologies, a flexible packaging manufacturing subsidiary that will serve various markets including beauty and personal care.   The new entity will focus on customized premade pouches, including spouted pouches, and will be headed up by Tony Cherot as president and Jane Dirr as vice president of business development.   Read More...
Precision Color Graphics opens flexible packaging manufacturing subsidiary, appoints Tony Cherot and Jane Dirr to executive management team   Precision Color Graphics, an industry leading pre-press, printing and packaging company, announces its plans to open Specialty Packaging Technologies, Inc. under the leadership of Tony Cherot as president, and Jane Dirr as vice president of business development.   Read More...